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November 11 2017


November 09 2017

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Plot twist. (via Jonny_Wags)

November 08 2017



paul hollywood on bakeoff: now, i can see you’ve had a little trouble with your genoise sponge, haven’t you? the egg whites haven’t been whipped for quite long enough, and it’s lost some of that delicate, airy consistency, which means that your 10,000 spun sugar decorations haven’t got the solid foundation that they really need to support the handcrafted marzipan statue of the virgin mary that you’ve painted with edible gold leaf

me, shoving handfuls of reheated takeout pizza into my gaping maw: a rookie mistake

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This is just your average can of uranium ore available on sale.

Amazon Link


OMG so many great reviews:

I left this product next to my pet lizard, unfortunately now he’s 350ft tall now and is currently destroying Tokyo, Japan.

I got a free cat in the box with this purchase but I’m not sure if I should open it to see if the cat is ok.

This is NOT, repeat, NOT a woman from the Ukraine. Very disappointed but can only blame myself. Please read description when sober.

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November 06 2017



CAPTCHA  1: check this box

CAPTCHA 2: select all the rivers

CAPTCHA 3: which of these tiny pictures has an apple in it

CAPTCHA 4: can you find where you went wrong in your life

CAPTCHA 5: select the reasons why my wife left me

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People Matching Artworks

French photographer Stefan Draschan has spent countless hours visiting different museums in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he would wait for visitors to match with a piece of art.

Escape Kit / Instagram / Twitter / Minuscule / Subscribe

November 05 2017

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ladies dont start fights, but they can finish them.

that is a cat with a hairbow how is that relevant to the caption

Uncultured swine

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Here it is: Best stuff first

Extremely handy if you follow a lot of people and hate missing anything good. 

Best Stuff First moves the best stuff on your dashboard—mhm!—right up to the top. 

It’s rolling out this week on iOS and Android, and comes with this Help Center article.  

Thanks! ✌️

I don’t have the option to turn it off yet, but chances are good that my dash is still affected. Chances are good that y'all have been affected. Whatever you do, keep checking your settings tab for the ability to TURN THIS OFF. Because we creators are gonna suffer from this.


There’s a chance that y'all might not have gotten this option yet, but i finally did. For the sake of all creators out there, check your general settings and look for this option. If you have it, TURN IT OFF. Don’t let some algorithm dictate what you see.

Don’t just like this. It needs to be spread so people know. Not only will your feed be out of chronological order, but creators who aren’t hella popular are suffering lack of exposure because of this. This is the one thing i WILL pressure to reblog.

I scrolled through my “best first” dash to see what kind of stuff it would give me. It was quite dull. Instead of a mix of pictures, graphics, personal text posts, fic update reminders, political posts, cute baby animal and quippy one liners IT WAS ALL QUIPPY ONE LINERS. I don’t need Tumblr acting like a smart alec 100% of the time. I swear it was the blog equivalent of the AOU script. after 2 minute i was like PLEASE STOP JUST ONE ERNEST POST.





Just learned about garden path sentences.

They’re basically a literary prank– the sentence starts out in such a way that you think you know where it’s going, but the way it ends completely changes the meaning while still being a complete and logical sentence. Usually it deals with double meanings, or with words that can be multiple parts of speech, like nouns and verbs or nouns and adjectives.

So we get gems like

  • The old man the boat. (The old people are manning the boat)
  • The complex houses married and single soldiers and their families. (The apartment complex is home to both married and single soldiers, plus their families)
  • The prime number few. (People who are excellent are few in number.)
  • The cotton clothing is usually made of grows in Mississipi. (The cotton that clothing is made of)
  • The man who hunts ducks out on weekends. (As in he ducks out of his responsibilities)
  • We painted the wall with cracks. (The cracked wall is the one that was pained.)

truly a strange language

Thanks I hate it

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Source [x]

Follow @ultrafacts for more facts!



when the moderator asks your male counterpart about how he prepared to act in his role then asks you about your character’s wardrobe




She is giving us a LOOK

is this princess leia?

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The beans are growing nicely this year.



who the fuck manages to eat three set separate meals at three set times of the day. who the fuck does that. i eat however much i’m hungry for whenever i’m hungry, which could be anywhere in the range of once a day, six times a day or constantly snacking, depending on the weather, how much i’ve slept, the phase of my menstrual cycle, how annoyed i am, how well i’m dressed, how much work i have to do, how much food i see that day, how gay i’m feeling,

November 04 2017

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Mouse vole sleeping in the iris, Moscow oblast, Russia (Source)

Okay if this isn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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